CSS Interview questions

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is a standard for applying style to HTML elements. This styling includes margins, positioning, fonts, colors, and so forth. The styling can apply to the complete document or be granular and apply to a specific element. Theoretically, the use of CSS promotes the separation of content and design, allowing the designer to focus on how a Web application will look while the developer(s) concentrate on the structure and functionality.
There are some Special Interview Question.
  1.  What is CSS?
  2.  What does the cascading portion of CSS mean?
  3.  Is CSS case-sensitive?
  4.  What are different ways to apply styles to a Web page?
  5.  What is an ID selector?
  6.  What is a class?
  7. Resume Companion
  8.  What is the difference between an ID selector and CLASS?
  9.  What is contextual selector?
  10.  What is grouping?
  11.  What are child selectors?
  12.  What are pseudo classes?
  13.  What does the following CSS do?
  14.  How do you include comments in CSS?
  15.  Have you utilized any CSS libraries or frameworks?
  16.  What do you see in the future of Web design?
  17.  Are you pro or against Flash?

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